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FootballYards is your one-stop shop for all things NFL. From shrewd draft analysis to pithy playoff predictions, we’re here to offer our unique take on The League.

We’ll have rankings of all sorts – because who doesn’t love a good list? – and fantasy tips that, like the referee in the image above, will point you in the right direction. But regardless of topic, we guarantee quality NFL evaluation. All FY writers and contributors come from a solid football background. Some of us were even middle school standouts on the turf! Unfortunately, most of us were better at penning self-aware comparisons than making open-field tackles.

So here we are: a site for football fanatics (who know how to read) by football fanatics (who know how to write). Come for the watchability rankings. Stay for the NFL fan-fiction that you never knew you wanted.

Want to get to know us a little better? Writer and contributor bios are below, and more are on the way!

Yours in football,

Nick Bellis, FY Editor-in-Chief

Nick Bellis

Oh hey, it’s me again. If you don’t mind, I’m going to write the rest of this in third person.

An unapologetic (yet wholly unbiased) Bengals fan, Nick has been the Editor-in-Chief of FootballYards since its inception. He was once a promising talent on the field, winning Rookie of the Year in his first season of flag football (age nine). But it was all down hill from there. He never recovered from his Doug Martin-esque sophomore slump and, once contact was introduced to the game, decided he’d much rather QB from the comfort of an armchair.

Always more skilled in the classroom than the pocket, Nick tried his hand at being a lawyer after obtaining a massively useful and wholly sarcastic bachelor of arts. When he realized he was spending all of his free time reading about football and micromanaging his upcoming fantasy matchups, he pulled a Derek Zoolander and asked, “Maybe you could do that for a career?”

He still spends all his free time reading about football and micromanaging his upcoming fantasy matchups, but now he can tell his wife he’s doing “work stuff.”

Here’s some of that “work stuff”:

But enough about Nick. Let’s meet some of the real talent at FootballYards.

Henry “Hank” Mardukis

Passionate. Intelligent. Devoted. Strong-willed. These are words Hank Mardukas sometimes uses when he writes about football. He’ll also use terms like: fart-faced, paste-eaters and boner-killers. Henry brings a youthful perspective to breaking down the NFL, because emotionally, he stopped growing at around age seven.

Coincidentally, that might have been the last time the Chicago Bears were any good. But even though he’s a lifelong Bears supporter, that somehow hasn’t ruined his love of the NFL. Which is weird: one generally stops eating burritos at the corner store after like the fourth case of food poisoning.

Anyways, you can trust Henry’s opinion on matters of footballing. Otherwise he wouldn’t be getting paid to write about it. Right? Right?

Here are a few things he’s been more than adequately compensated for:

Tyler “Ty” Worer

Tyler is a communications graduate who spends far too much time watching/analyzing the NFL. His football background does not include any Heisman trophies, but he did have the privilege of playing football for over 15 years. Ty has now been rightfully demoted to a mixed flag league.

He may pass on pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but can’t say no to John Elways and getting caught in Bronco Country. Ty believes that the only reason he can’t keep a girlfriend is because when football is on, no one is allowed to talk.

On that note, quit your yakking and read some of Ty’s finer forays into NFL analysis: