Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 9


Welcome back to another edition of FY’s top-50 flex plays (standard scoring). Week 9 sees another six teams on bye, which will put your roster depth to the test. As always, the rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting each player into my lineup; tiers further separate fantasy assets to help establish the probability of fantasy dominance.

Week 8 was tough on my #1 ranked player once again. Although David Johnson’s 108 total yards won’t kill your fantasy squad, it wasn’t worthy of sitting atop the top-50. The Arizona Cardinals came out flat and didn’t realize their game had started until they were down 24-0. After the Carolina Panthers put it in cruise control, Carson Palmer was able to take advantage of soft coverage underneath and pile up garbage time stats. That, however, did not do much for my #1-ranked player of the week.

My apologies. To make up for my blunder, let me give you my personal guarantee of a minimum of 15 fantasy points from the #1-ranked player this week. Barring injuries, weather, game flow, and any unforeseen potential obstacles of course. (We define “guarantee” liberally around here.)

Now, if blindfolded darts is your thing, please check out my colleague Ty’s 6 or 7 or 8 (pick a number!) fantasy tips for Week 9. If you prefer a less risky approach developed by a 20-year fantasy football veteran, please read on.

One other note before we begin: as you likely know, the NFL did away with the “probable” designation for injured players this year, which means you often have to wait until later in the week to make roster decisions. Based on existing information as of this writing, I believe every player in my top-50 has a legit chance to play in Week 9. But I can’t stress enough the importance of managing your lineup on Sunday once inactives have been released.

Now, without further ado, here are the top-50 flex plays for Week 9.

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An Inelastic Seven Fantasy Tips for Week 8


I know what you’re going to say, so let me stop you and ask this: how was I supposed to know Geno Smith would tear his ACL in the second quarter? Had Smith remained in the game, I’m confident that Matt Forte (RB4) would not have had the game he did.

However, I have no excuse for my advice to bench Quincy Enunwa (WR13) – since he caught his touchdown from Geno Smith – or Drew Brees (QB2), who bucked his home/road splits.

Those were some pretty costly strikeouts, but I’ll choose to remember the moonshots I hit in Week 7. (Hopefully you do, too.) Benching DeAndre Hopkins (WR57) and Sammie Coates (WR106) was definitely the right play, while inserting Jacquizz Rodgers (RB11) paid off. It may not have taken a genius to suggest sticking with Le’Veon Bell (RB12) and Antonio Brown (WR20), but pushing forward with Matthew Stafford (QB9) took some cajones.

But, that was then, and this is now. So let’s get to Week 8, since there are sure to be some holes on your roster with six teams on bye this week. I won’t be advising you to start DeMarco Murray or Andrew Luck; if you don’t know to do that already, you’re beyond the pale.

If you want to know whether Ezekiel Elliott will outscore Julio Jones this week, you should check out Nicholas’ top 50 flex plays for Week 8. Here, you’ll be given the less obvious (but more valuable) advice on the tougher decisions we fantasy owners face. [Cue intra-office feud.]

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 8


Welcome back to FY’s weekly top-50 fantasy football flex plays (standard scoring leagues). Week 8 sees six teams (and some top fantasy performers) on bye, so several new faces will be making an appearance in the top 50. But never fear, I am here to answer your burning lineup questions.

The rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting players into my lineup, broken down further into tiers to help establish potential fantasy dominance.

In a cake matchup last week against the Colts, I moved DeMarco Murray to the #1 spot. He didn’t dominate the way fantasy owners would have liked, but ended with a respectable 127 total yards and a score. This week against a Jaguars defense that just lost key run-stuffer Roy Miller, Murray doesn’t stray too far from the top spot.

But no more teasers. Let’s get down to business. Without further ado, here are the top 50 flex plays for week 8.

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An Inflexible Six Fantasy Tips for Week 7


All good things must come to an end, right? Well, that hasn’t been the case just yet for my fantasy tips. After providing you with some very accurate advice in Week 4 and Week 5, I put forth some pretty good tips in Week 6.

It may have been a small step back, thanks to big misses on benching Jay Ajayi (RB1), Marcus Mariota (QB4), and Matt Jones (RB9), while starting T.Y. Hilton (WR56) and Jeremy Maclin (WR57). I made up for it, though. Remember how I insisted you start Cam Newton (QB6) and Jonathan Stewart (RB7)? How about sticking with Andrew Luck (QB8) and Ezekiel Elliott (RB11)? Those may have been a little easy, but benching Philip Rivers (QB23) for Brock Osweiler (QB16) was pretty bold.

Since I was a little off last week, it’s time to nail Week 7. As usual, I’m not going to waste your time by telling you to start Tom Brady, DeMarco Murray, and Odell Beckham Jr., advice your 87-year old grandmother who doesn’t watch football could just as easily give you. I’m going to give you some less obvious (and more valuable) plays for the week. 

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 7


Welcome back to my top-50 flex rankings, Week 7 edition! As usual, ranks are based on standard scoring. The list indicates the order I would be most comfortable inserting players into my lineup. Just like last time, I’ve broken our fantasy assets into tiers to better differentiate their probability of success in the upcoming week.

Before getting to this week’s ranking, let’s take a trip down (very recent) memory lane.

Week 6 was certainly an entertaining one: we had Side Show Bob start in Buffalo (ugly but fun); we witnessed David walking all over Goliath (Dolphins vs Steelers); we watched an unlikely candidate put up a career day, only to blow it with a pick in the closing moments (Case Keenum); and, to top it off, Mr. Beckham proposed to the kicking net of his dreams.

Er, wait, that wasn’t entertaining. That was just weird.

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A Rigid Seven Fantasy Tips for Week 6


Alright, fine. Brian Hoyer has now proven me wrong in back-to-back weeks, as he was the QB5 last week against a weak Colts defense. I was also one week early on Cameron Artis-Payne. But let’s also take a look at where I was right last week because that’s a whole lot more fun my me and my ego.

In Week 5, I helped you avoid dreadful outputs from Tajae Sharpe (WR70), Will Fuller (WR89), and Matt Jones (RB42). I also pushed you away from Matt Ryan, which was a good call, as his 14.98 fantasy points had him as the QB18. Hopefully you listened to me when it came to rolling with Carlos Hyde (RB8), Demaryius Thomas (WR21), Odell Beckham Jr. (WR15), and Matthew Stafford (QB10), while inserting Terrance West (RB21) and Travis Benjamin (WR14) into your lineup. (Toot, toot.)

Again, the advice wasn’t flawless – I pray you didn’t go out of your way to pick up Paxton Lynch – but it was pretty darn good. (Denver fan though I am, I promise I won’t urge you to start Lynch again this week, mostly because he isn’t starting for the Broncos now that Trevor Siemian is back.)

While I’m sure you already know that starting Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown against Miami, DeMarco Murray against Cleveland, Greg Olsen against New Orleans, Tom Brady against anyone are all winning ideas, you may be a little less certain about some of the following guys.

Don’t forget to tune in again next week, if not for the stellar advice, then at least for my latest synonym for “firm”.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 6


[Editor’s note: fantasy guru Nicholas Ferris is back for his third guest post on the top-50 flex players, tackling your Week 6 options. Last week, Mr. Ferris wasn’t sold on the Falcons and their two-headed backfield. This week, he’s finally ready to take up residence in the Devonta Freeman/Tevin Coleman duplex. Let’s see where else he’s stopping over on the way to fantasy glory. Take it away, other Nick!]

Welcome back to my ranking of the top-50 flex plays in standard scoring leagues for the week (Week 6). 

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A Stiff Seven Fantasy Tips for Week 5


Well, well, well… Look who’s coming back for more. Was my Week 4 advice pretty good or something? Hmm, I don’t know, I haven’t had time to check… [cue this!]

Alright, so my advice was pretty good, but still not flawless. Sure, I could act like I’ve been right before, but I prefer to take the “told-you-so” approach, while I try to forget that I recommended you sit Matt Ryan and his 35.52 fantasy points.

What I do clearly remember is urging you to start Jordan Reed (19.3 fantasy points), who was the top tight end play of the week, and to stick with Derek Carr (23.76 fantasy points), who was the fourth-best quarterback even against a tough Ravens defense. I also advised you to start Terrelle Pryor (WR26), Demaryius Thomas (WR9), Emmanuel Sanders (WR12), and Zach Miller (TE9). If you followed my tips, you would have also benefited from sitting Jameis Winston (11.06 points) and Mike Evans (5.9 points).

I may have missed on Cameron Artis-Payne (1.2 points), and telling you not to start Terrance West (17.3 points), Jordan Howard (13.2 points), and even Brian Hoyer (19.78 points). The last one really hurts.

But, on the whole, the advice was pretty good. I’ll try really hard to limit the misses this week. I promise. (Not that I wasn’t trying last week.)

Again, I won’t sit here and give you the obvious stuff, like starting Tom Brady (and finally, his receivers) against whomever he’s playing, or DeMarco Murray against the Dolphins – even in a hurricane. And I especially won’t lobby for you to start Greg Olsen against the Bucs (regardless of who is throwing him the ball) because that would just be too easy. (Continue starting Melvin Gordon, unless I instruct otherwise.)

Instead, here’s a handful of tips that the auto-drafters in your league couldn’t come up with on their own. On a side note, losing the ambiguity from the number of tips seemed to help last week, so I’m sticking with it. 

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A Firm Seven Fantasy Tips for Week 4


If you took my advice from Week 3, then you were able to avoid busts from Ryan Mathews, Julian Edelman, Andy Dalton, and Marcus Mariota, while capitalizing on performances from Coby Fleener, LeGarrette Blount, Ryan Tannehill, and Aaron Rodgers. But your lineup probably suffered with Randall Cobb, Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, and DeAngelo Williams starting, while Terrelle Pryor sat on your bench – ya, that one hurt.

This is fantasy football, though; there are no certainties and virtually anything can happen – that’s at least what I’m telling myself right now. Though this week’s advice promises to be flawless, of course. Why? Hmm … because I’m due?

Even when gunning for a perfect week of tips, I still refuse to fire at oversized targets; I won’t bother advising you to start Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, who go head-to-head, or Le’Veon Bell against the Chiefs. (Make sure you start Melvin Gordon, too.) I hold myself to a higher standard, even if it’s unjustified.

Here are some less obvious to help you win your week. Oh, by the way, I hope losing the ambiguity in the number of tips will also result in the loss of the ambiguity regarding the quality of the tips.

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