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Alternative NFL Hashtags for 2016

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Never the trendsetter, the NFL pulled the ultimate “Cool Dad move” this week when it released individual hashtags and emojis for each team. Corporations invading Twitter is almost always a bad thing, but seeing as the NFL will begin broadcasting games over the social media platform this season, it was a natural transition. Expecting Cardinals fans to start hash-tagging the seemingly random command of “Be Red See Red;” that transition may take a little longer.

For every hashtag that actually makes sense (#RiseUp, #WhoDey) there’s one that doesn’t (#FeedDaBears, #HereWeGo). Then there’s the lazy teams who just used their names (Really Cowboys? No other phrase came to mind?)

With a full slate of NFL games on tap today, we’d hate for fans to have to follow along with such a ridiculous shill. Instead we’ve come up with some more accurate hashtags to capture some teams around the league. Why not use these to complain about you’re terrible team today?

Chicago: #1985 – The final step to admitting this team hasn’t been culturally relevant for 30 years.

Cleveland: #GoCavs – NBA season is just around the corner.

Dallas: #AmericasPunchingBag – Currently the Trump campaign hashtag, but the Cowboys should get a jump on it for when it comes available next season.

Jacksonville: #RememberBrunell – Nothing happened to Mark Brunell; the Jags should just occasionally remind fans that their used to be happier times.

Kansas City: #ChiefConcerns – Among them, Andy Reid still doesn’t know how to use timeouts.

Los Angeles: #AnythingBut7&9 – Pretty self-explanatory.

Miami: #WhenDoesWalkingDeadStart? – Oct. 23, the same day New England will clinch the East.

New England: #(a middle finger emoji) – Since Pats fans only use Twitter to complain anyways.

San Diego: #BoltforLA – Sure to be the rally cry when this team starts 0-6.

San Francisco: #KneelB4Chip – It’s topical, while also honoring their coach’s totalitarian regime.

Seattle: #GoCavs – Once a bandwagoner, always a bandwagoner.

Tampa Bay: #BuccleUp – See, I can do puns too!

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