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Week 13 Picks: unlike the Bears, all we drop is knowledge

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Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon FY’s weekly NFL picks. We pick games straight-up, but we focus on the week’s more competitive matchups and include at least one upset every time.

We aren’t licensed to use NFL logos, so we employ props to represent our chosen teams. If you’re being nice, you’d call said props “creative.” If you’re being honest, you’d call them nonsensical. 

Sorry to Hank for the pot-shot at his Bears, but golly that was a lot of drops. You gotta feel bad for Matt Barkley, who needed all the help he could get.

In sunnier news, both our editor and our equipment are fixed, so we’re back to video format for this week’s picks.

More good news: I took away half the letters from Ty’s keyboard. His future posts should come in at 40,000 words max. 

The theme of this week’s video is knowledge, i.e. what we’ve been dropping on everyone all year. (We’re 16-6-1 in this li’l ole picks segment.) Learn some fun municipal facts as I give you the sure-fire winners for Chiefs at Falcons, Buccaneers at Chargers, and Washington at Arizona.

Ever wonder where Tampa’s civic nickname “Big Guava” came from? You could Google it and find a clear answer very quickly. Or, now hear me out, you could watch this four-minute video, which contains a vague explanation that I sloppily turn into a segue for the Bucs matchup with San Diego.

The choice is yours.


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