NFL Power Rankings: Who’s Heating up for a Stretch Run?


Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve provided the crucial service of subjectively ranking every NFL team based on how I currently feel about them. Things have changed so much since then; the old rankings might as well be talking about the 1994 season. So, just in time for the playoff push, we’re back with new rankings, hoping to anger every fan base.

I really wanted to rile up Cowboys fans, but ultimately, since this is a judgement on how teams are playing right now, I couldn’t snub big D. You’ll find them rightfully at number one. But while I may not have Cowboys fans complaining, I’m sure the rest of the fan bases can tell me why I’m incorrect in my quick, largely satirical assessments of their teams.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 11



Welcome to the Week 11 edition of FY’s top-50 flex plays. Rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting each player into my lineup; tiers further separate our fantasy assets to help establish the probability of fantasy dominance. Keep player availability in mind as the week progresses. In these ranks, you will only find players I feel have a good chance to play Sunday.

Week 10 saw its share of surprises. My friend Ty Worer had some hits and misses once again in his interestingly risky approach to fantasy football in his week 10 tips. But I’ll keep my latest assault in our ongoing war of words short and sweet: I won our Week 10 head-to-head fantasy match-up. BOOYAH! So as I stated last week, “check you in the playoffs.”

Week 10 was the most entertaining slate of games so far this year with some insane closing moments in more than a few contests. With the NFL as unpredictable as ever, Week 11 brings ample questions for owners entering the stretch drive. Most trade deadlines have passed and waiver wire pick’ens are pretty thin. Workhorse running backs are ruling the roost so far this year as the position is responsible for occupying the top-five scoring spots and seven out of the top ten. A handful of receivers are worthy of centering a lineup around, but if you want higher floors and explosive ceilings, the top running backs are your go-to guys.

Without further ado, I present the top-50 flex plays for Week 11.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 10



Welcome to the Week 10 edition of FY’s top-50 flex plays. As always, rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting each player into my lineup; tiers further separate our fantasy assets to help establish the probability of fantasy dominance. Also keep in mind player availability changes as the week progresses. In these ranks, you will only find players I feel have a good chance to play Sunday.

Now, before I get to much into fantasy this week, I feel I should address some in-house business. It seems my colleague Ty Worer is feeling pretty good about himself these days. In his article Seven Fantasy Tips For Week 9, he drops the metaphorical mic after telling you he leads me in our fantasy pool. He is indeed 8-1. Not bad. However, he is third in points scored and I happen to be one of the owners he is trailing. In fact, I am the owner everyone is trailing, so I will take my 6-3 record, keep grinding it out, and check you in the playoffs.

Pick your mic back up junior.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 9


Welcome back to another edition of FY’s top-50 flex plays (standard scoring). Week 9 sees another six teams on bye, which will put your roster depth to the test. As always, the rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting each player into my lineup; tiers further separate fantasy assets to help establish the probability of fantasy dominance.

Week 8 was tough on my #1 ranked player once again. Although David Johnson’s 108 total yards won’t kill your fantasy squad, it wasn’t worthy of sitting atop the top-50. The Arizona Cardinals came out flat and didn’t realize their game had started until they were down 24-0. After the Carolina Panthers put it in cruise control, Carson Palmer was able to take advantage of soft coverage underneath and pile up garbage time stats. That, however, did not do much for my #1-ranked player of the week.

My apologies. To make up for my blunder, let me give you my personal guarantee of a minimum of 15 fantasy points from the #1-ranked player this week. Barring injuries, weather, game flow, and any unforeseen potential obstacles of course. (We define “guarantee” liberally around here.)

Now, if blindfolded darts is your thing, please check out my colleague Ty’s 6 or 7 or 8 (pick a number!) fantasy tips for Week 9. If you prefer a less risky approach developed by a 20-year fantasy football veteran, please read on.

One other note before we begin: as you likely know, the NFL did away with the “probable” designation for injured players this year, which means you often have to wait until later in the week to make roster decisions. Based on existing information as of this writing, I believe every player in my top-50 has a legit chance to play in Week 9. But I can’t stress enough the importance of managing your lineup on Sunday once inactives have been released.

Now, without further ado, here are the top-50 flex plays for Week 9.

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Ranking the Current NFL Kickers


It feels like kickers and their shortcomings have been a huge storyline to begin this season. The reality is, the struggles haven’t been anything outside the norm. Through seven weeks, kickers are hitting 83.9-percent of field goal attempts, only a shade worse than last year’s mark of 84.5. In fact, it’s the same percentage of attempts made across the entire 2012 season, and a step up from 2011’s mark of 82.9.

Perhaps it feels worse because, unlike 2012, extra points aren’t a gimme anymore? With the PAT getting shanked about five-percent of the time, scores have gotten tighter, and momentous kicks seem to be more prevalent.

So who around the league do you want taking those big-time kicks? And which teams should be going for it on fourth down? I’ve solved that query with another set of rankings, this time ranking the men who perform perhaps the most stressful job in sports.

Creating a definitive ranking was surprisingly difficult, having to balance career success with current proficiency. And after all my hard work, surely someone will undermine it this weekend by missing another seemingly easy kick to lose a game. Either way, here’s how I see kickers stacking up halfway through the NFL season.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 8


Welcome back to FY’s weekly top-50 fantasy football flex plays (standard scoring leagues). Week 8 sees six teams (and some top fantasy performers) on bye, so several new faces will be making an appearance in the top 50. But never fear, I am here to answer your burning lineup questions.

The rankings represent the order I would be most comfortable inserting players into my lineup, broken down further into tiers to help establish potential fantasy dominance.

In a cake matchup last week against the Colts, I moved DeMarco Murray to the #1 spot. He didn’t dominate the way fantasy owners would have liked, but ended with a respectable 127 total yards and a score. This week against a Jaguars defense that just lost key run-stuffer Roy Miller, Murray doesn’t stray too far from the top spot.

But no more teasers. Let’s get down to business. Without further ado, here are the top 50 flex plays for week 8.

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Top 50 Flex Rankings: Week 7


Welcome back to my top-50 flex rankings, Week 7 edition! As usual, ranks are based on standard scoring. The list indicates the order I would be most comfortable inserting players into my lineup. Just like last time, I’ve broken our fantasy assets into tiers to better differentiate their probability of success in the upcoming week.

Before getting to this week’s ranking, let’s take a trip down (very recent) memory lane.

Week 6 was certainly an entertaining one: we had Side Show Bob start in Buffalo (ugly but fun); we witnessed David walking all over Goliath (Dolphins vs Steelers); we watched an unlikely candidate put up a career day, only to blow it with a pick in the closing moments (Case Keenum); and, to top it off, Mr. Beckham proposed to the kicking net of his dreams.

Er, wait, that wasn’t entertaining. That was just weird.

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Ranking the NFL’s Biggest Disappointments of 2016 (so far)


With all these fancy new players who have emerged from nowhere this season, it’s easy to forget about some of the league stars of yore. But while you were distracted by Carson Wentz’s “aww shucks” routine, many of the league’s old stand-bys have also been enjoying excellent starts to 2016!

This list is not for them.

This week’s rankings ID some of the stars that aren’t up to their usual level of awesomeness. Unfortunately, many of the league’s (perhaps former?) greats have just had a dismal start to the 2016 campaign, and some won’t even get a chance to redeem themselves.

Presented to you now – in descending order so as to build suspense – is my ranking of the top-eight biggest disappointments of 2016 (so far).

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Week 3 Power Rankings: So About Those Old Rankings…


“If you did the job right the first time, you wouldn’t have to do it again.”

The voice of my mother, scolding me for my terrible bed-making skills, rings through my head. She was right. Taking time to the job correctly at the outset means fewer (if any) corrections will need to be made down the line. I however, failed to do a stellar job ranking NFL teams after Week 1, and now my jerk editor says I have to do it again. I feel shame.

Thankfully, no. 1 and 32 don’t have to move, so that makes life a little easier. Some other moves are so slight that I feel I don’t have to justify why they were made. In fact, maybe I’ll just address the biggest movers on this week’s list? Ya, that sounds like the kind of shortcut I can get behind! And as I learned in my bed-making days, if you’re not going to do something right, you may as well do it fast.

Here are the NFL Power Rankings after Week 3.

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