The 4 Best Players NOT in the HOF

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Once I got a taste for one ultra-controversial article, I was hungry for more. Yet my quest to piss off every fan-base in the league still seems incomplete. If neither of those first two articles soured your opinion of me, then maybe this one will. (Am I wrongfully assuming that I was liked before?)

After the NFL made the unprecedented decision to cancel the Hall-of-Fame game at the last minute due to the tar-like field, we (football fans) have been forced to suffer on without the glimpse of football we were promised.

We did, however, get to see Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, and the rest of the inductees trot out onto the parking lot surface in their new gold jackets. (Yes, Happy, the color does matter.)

As these deserving candidates received their recognition, I couldn’t help but feel bad for a few guys who have been waiting for what I’m sure feels like an eternity to hear their name called. But then I remembered that they’re rich and their lives are probably pretty great as it is, so I went back to enjoying my can of tuna.

Although I still don’t feel bad for those who have been overlooked, I felt the need to honour those whom the Hall has forgotten. So join me as I give some love to the guys who have been passed over by the selection committee. All I ask for in return is a VIP pass to the eventual induction ceremonies and a shout-out in their speech for all my hard work in getting them into the Hall – pretty reasonable, if you ask me.

Jerry Kramer, OG

Achievements: 3x Pro Bowler, 5x First-Team All-Pro, 5x NFL Champion, 2x Super Bowl Champion.

It is truly amazing that Kramer has yet to find his way into the Hall-of-Fame, considering he’s been a finalist ten times now. His 11 years in the league were all spent with Green Bay, where he excelled with the “power sweep.” If it were possible for a wedge block to be famous, then see Kramer’s push to get Bart Starr into the endzone in the Ice Bowl.

Kramer was named to the NFL’s 50th Anniversary Team, and is the only player from that team who does not have a spot in Canton. Oh yeah, he also kicked field goals once in awhile, too, hitting the game-winner in the 1962 NFL Championship.

Bottom Line: The NFL Network and most other pundits have recognized Kramer as the HOF’s biggest snub, why hasn’t the selection committee?

Kurt Warner, QB

Achievements: 4x Pro Bowler, 2x First-Team All-Pro, Super Bowl Champion, 2x NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP.

From bagging groceries to winning the Super Bowl, Kurt Warner now deserves to take his rightful spot in Canton. If I only had one argument to present, it would be Warner’s performances on the biggest stage: not only did he play in three Super Bowls, but he is one of three quarterbacks to take two different franchises there, and holds the record for the most passing yards in the big game. He’s also number two and three on that list.

Fortunately, I’m not being limited to one argument, so here are some more: Warner was the fastest player to 10,000 passing yards, tied for fastest to 30,000 yards, has the second-highest career passing yards per game, the third-best career completion percentage, and tenth-best career passer rating. I could go on, but my editor would say I’m going overboard.

Bottom Line: Warner is more than a feel-good story. He’s one of the greatest QBs of all-time and belongs in the Hall-of-Fame.

Terrell Davis, RB

Achievements: 3X Pro Bowler, 3x First-Team All-Pro, 2x Offensive Player of the Year, 2x Super Bowl Champion, NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP.

By Toiete Jackson [Public domain]
By Toiete Jackson [Public domain]
I understand why some have an issue with Davis being in the Hall-of-Fame, but I certainly don’t agree with it. Although his career was shortened by injury, “TD” made the best of his mere seven years in the league. To go along with all the aforementioned achievements, Davis also holds the NFL record for average rushing yards per playoff game (142.5).

When you think of the greatest runningbacks of all-time, he may not be one of the first who comes to your mind, but his stats say otherwise.

Bottom Line: The former Bronco has now been a Hall-of-Fame finalist in three consecutive seasons; if Doak Walker, Franco Harris, and Curtis Martin are in, then Davis’ time is coming too – probably 2017.

Roger Craig, RB

Achievements: 4x Pro Bowler, First-Team All-Pro, Offensive Player of the Year, 3x Super Bowl Champion, NFL MVP

Roger Craig was Marshall Faulk before Marshall Faulk. Without Craig, those legendary 49ers teams would not have been as dominant as they were. While Joe Montana and Jerry Rice garnered the majority of the credit, it was the versatility of their running back that really took that offense over the top.

In 1985, Craig became the first player to ever surpass 1,000 yards in both rushing and receiving in a season, and he also lead the league in receptions that year – a feat that no running back has accomplished since.

Bottom Line: You can’t hold playing on a team with Montana and Rice against him forever.

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  • Tim O’Dell

    Roger Craig? That’s a reach.

  • dennisg40

    A team wins super bowls but players put up individual stats. Being on a dead team should not keep a person out of the HOF if he has done the work individually to be there.